Episode 11: Bada Bing! – Trainee Visas with Furio from The Sopranos

In this episode, Shai and Roderick finally get made by discussing what kind of visa a Mafia enforcer from Italy named Furio could have had during his integral run on the HBO all-time classic drama, The Sopranos. The immigration principles they will explore include the H-3 trainee visa classification. Plus, our co-hosts chat about their favorite  Read More

Episode 10: We Wanted the Pineapple Suite! – Specialty Occupation Visas for Australians with Armond from The White Lotus

In this episode, the visa principles they will explore include the E-3 classification and what the impact of getting fired may have on one’s U.S. visa status. Plus, our co-hosts discuss some strikingly similar qualities between Armond and a former episode’s character of focus. Listen to the Episode https://media.resonaterecordings.com/hasta-la-visa-baby/afe00572-984e-4f87-bae9-9048c0a11fe1.mp3 SHOW NOTES Today, Shai and Roderick  Read More

Episode 9: Pivot! – Treaty Trader Visas with Paolo from Friends

In this episode, Shai and Roderick order in at Central Perk coffee shop to figure out what type of U.S. visa status Paolo, Rachel’s love interest in season 1 and season 2 of the all-time classic sitcom, Friends, could have possibly had. In addition to analyzing Paolo’s leather jackets, tight sweaters, and obnoxiously long hair, the  Read More

Episode 8: I Said Good Day! – Student Visas and the Marriage Based Green Card Sponsorship Process with Fez from That ’70s Show

In this episode, Shai and Roderick hang out with the gang from the television comedy, That ’70s Show. They focus on Point Place, Wisconsin’s favorite foreign exchange student, Fez, played by Wilmer Valderama. In addition to exploring Fez’s obsession with candy, the immigration principles they will cover include: F-1 Student Visas, the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program,  Read More

Episode 7: Wax On, Wax Off – Lessons from and a History of Japanese Immigration to the U.S. through Mr. Myagi in The Karate Kid

In this episode, Shai and Roderick dive deep into 1984’s The Karate Kid. They specifically focus on how the character of Mr. Myagi allegedly immigrated from Japan to the U.S. during the 1940s. The Immigration and Nationality principles they will explore include Japanese U.S. Immigration history, the Immigration Act of 1924, the Immigration and Nationality  Read More

Episode 6: You’ve Got Mail – Special Mailbag Episode

In this episode, Shai and Roderick talk lost episodes and answer listener questions. The Immigration principles they will explore in this episode include Intracompany Transferee Visas, Extraordinary Ability Visas, ESTA travelers, Green Card sponsorship, and Investor Visas, among other Immigration concepts. Plus, our co-hosts dig up salvageable audio regarding what made the 90s so great  Read More

Episode 5: Why Make Trillions When We Can Make…Billions? – Investor Visas in the Austin Powers Trilogy

In this episode, Shai and Roderick get “shagadelic” with the Austin Powers trilogy. Our co-hosts investigate how Dr. Evil, a Belgian criminal mastermind, and Austin Powers’ arch nemesis, found himself running a world-famous coffee company in Seattle, Washington. The Immigration principles they will explore in this episode include: E-2 Treaty Investor Visas and the EB-5  Read More