Episode 10: We Wanted the Pineapple Suite! – Specialty Occupation Visas for Australians with Armond from The White Lotus

In this episode, the visa principles they will explore include the E-3 classification and what the impact of getting fired may have on one’s U.S. visa status. Plus, our co-hosts discuss some strikingly similar qualities between Armond and a former episode’s character of focus.

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Today, Shai and Roderick focus on the newest show featured thus far on the podcast: The White Lotus!  The show premiered on HBO in July of 2021 as a six-episode mini-series incorporating elements of both comedy and drama (and is has since been renewed for a second season).  The show centers on a luxury resort in Hawaii and the interactions among various guests and staff members.

After summarizing the show and discussing interesting facts about it, Shai and Roderick narrow their focus to the character of Armond.  Armond is the manager of the resort, and is sort of an antihero or tragic character.  He develops a troubled relationship with a guest named Shane, eventually spirals into substance abuse and other problematic behavior, and is finally (spoiler alert!) killed at the hands of Shane.

Armond’s accent also gives him away as an Australian national; thus, his life and work in the US involve issues of immigration law.  There is actually a class of visa specifically meant for Australian citizens: the E-3 Specialty Occupation Visa for, as the name implies, people seeking employment in specialty roles.  It requires both a bachelor’s degree relevant to the field of work and company sponsorship, and E-3 status is valid for 2-year increments.

Shai and Roderick explain why they believe Armond held an E-3 visa, and overview a hypothetical consultation for Armond at the point when he began to think he would be fired.  If fired, he would have had a 60-day grace period to find a new sponsor, change his visa status, or leave the US.  The episode also features not only takeaways on frustrating characters and the new season to come, but connections back to the character featured in the first episode of the podcast – Mr. Hector!


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